Training Center

As the organization sets its highest priorities on safe and healthy food production, it also fully acknowledges the equal importance of maintaining safety measures and providing a healthy working environment for its employees. Magrabi Agriculture takes up the responsibility of making the working conditions rewarding on both the professional and the social levels.

Keen on the upgrade and growth of staff members, the organization offers professional development training programs that promise a highly qualified patch in the face of the challenges of a competitive market as well as the high international business standards. Such promotion is inevitably accompanied by distinctive remuneration in return for employees' valuable contribution.

An illiteracy program is another running project for the benefit of farm workers. Equipped with necessary teaching facilities, experienced teachers work within an on-farm established educational center to satisfy workers' basic literacy needs in support of their interests and welfare.

Magrabi Agriculture further extends its obligations to embrace the welfare of the workers' young. The organization invests part of its time and effort to show concern for the children of workers in a carefully designed nursery, comprised of classes, recreational facilities, and a green area for play. A fine selection of caretakers provide children with undivided attention and care, in conjunction with assistance from a general medical practitioner to ensure children's safety and good health conditions.