Breeding Programs

In 1998, Magrabi Agriculture initiated its Intellectual Property Department to promote an effective and controlled system of plant variety protection. Since then, Magrabi Agriculture has signed various commercial agreements and participated in various research and development programs related to plant cultivars that can potentially meet the eating quality specifications in the countries of destination.

Over the past years, Magrabi Agriculture managed to develop a trustworthy business relationship with the international breeders and has set a role model in respecting and protecting breeders’ rights.

Egypt has been granted an observer status in the UPOV Council. The granting of observer status to intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations is reserved to these organizations with competence in areas of direct relevance in respect of matters governed by the UPOV convention.

Today Magrabi Agriculture is working with International Breeders from over 15 countries on different varieties for testing or for commercial production.